Techrules is debuting the final production design of its first series hybrid supercar. ‘REN’ is the first production vehicle from the China-based automotive research and development company.
The aerospace-inspired design is optimised for aerodynamic efficiency, with a striking modular three-cockpit design that has been crafted by world-renowned automotive designers, Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro. A sense of drama is assured by the distinctive fighter jet-style canopy that rises up to enable occupant access and futuristic elements such as the front laser headlights and ‘star-burst’ reversing LEDs.

Extraordinary design for a revolutionary electric vehicle

The show-stopping exterior design of the REN is clean, simple and modular, with the lines closely following the underlying structure of the car, fulfilling the classic design maxim of ‘form follows function’.

The first rule for Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro and their Turin-based GFG Style design team, when designing REN, was to achieve excellent aerodynamic function. None of the surfaces are designed with only styling in mind - all the lines and changes of surface have an aerodynamic purpose.

At the front, large outboard air intakes draw air into the wheel arches to cool the 380 mm carbon ceramic front brakes. Front lighting employs LED laser technology set into the edges of the large front intakes, along with animated direction indicators.

The depth of the front fenders above the wheels is as small as possible to reduce the frontal area, with vertical side panels and a squared-off rear reducing drag. The side of the car is smooth and simple, and in combination with the overall aerodynamic design elements, produces a pure, flowing profile.

The striking but functional cockpit design is closely aligned to the balance proportions of the car, reflecting its unique concept and aerodynamic focus. The central polycarbonate canopy dramatically lifts and swings up and rearward over the occupants – this can be operated from inside the cockpit at the press of a button or from outside using the remote key fob.

The only jewellery on the exterior of the body are the subtle badge pockets on each front fender but even these are functional and serve a triple purpose. The sculptured units house the rear-facing cameras (in place of door mirrors), the speakers that enable occupants to converse with people outside the car, and the REN emblem. Additional stand-out styling is provided by the REN’s exquisite 22” multi-spoke wheels, the design of which resembles a jet-engine turbine, continuing the aeronautical theme.

Bespoke interior designed and crafted in Italy

The REN’s individuality is enhanced further by a refined, premium interior that delivers ultimate exclusivity with the highest grades of luxury materials. The cossetting driver’s cockpit and passenger pods are finished using the finest Italian leather which indulges the occupants by covering every surface they will touch. In the driver’s cockpit, this includes the upper instrument panel that houses three high definition rear view monitors.

To enhance the sense of exceptional luxury, the seat cushions are finished in an exclusive denim fabric produced by the haute couture clothing company, PT (Pantaloni Torino). Its bespoke texture is designed to grip the occupant to the seat and help prevent sliding around under high cornering or braking loads.

Door panels are also skilfully leather bound and stitched, contrasting beautifully with the lower exposed carbon-fibre section, which serves to remind occupants of the supercar’s performance capabilities. Where the three-occupant configuration is selected, the two passengers sit comfortably in the ‘semi-prone’ position, with access to fold out touchscreens and a communication system that uses speakers and microphones built into each of the headrests.