Yao,the perfect combination of Italian elegance and urban modernity, aims to create a brand new image.
Yao is a research project to create an SUV with refined taste, a new character and a new identity for the LandWind brand. The first details that catch the eye are the grill and the headlights. The grille is functional to the traditional engine and its need for air.
The grill is abundant, inspired by modern geometric patterns, sign of technological and innovative elements of design. DRL lights characterize the upper section of the front end and are placed just under the bonnet. The main lights are almost hidden, looking like air intakes dazzling when turned on.
The night design is one of the key points. In this vehicle, lighting is obviously part of the car, but also of the new brand image. This is why we chose to show its distinctive character and, at night, to give key and distinctive features to the lights.

For the side we wanted to give a very elegant look despite the car’s important dimensions, therefore we chose very linear edges and a strong personality for the sill, taking inspiration from fashion and sculpture.
Around the fenders we decided to create a molding game that is fundamental for a proper SUV, but were very careful not to lose the delicate figure of our design.
The silhouette is emphasized by 3 lines: sill line, belt line and the roof line. This choice gives a refined look and allows to put a few marks on the mass. We can find another key point in the greenhouse and the pillar that emphasize the cockpit with a strong line. We chose to put a very distinctive but fine pillar. It has an upward direction that confers dynamism and power to the figure.
As you can see this characterizing side line continues along the whole car and around the tail. It creates a tension that starts from the side and ends in the rear of the car, creating a connection with the rear lights. Moving to the back you can notice that the tail has few neat and clean lines that maintain the continuity concept.
Full, round tail door light and shadow convey an elegant, high-end temperament.

The final result is consistent, with coherent lines and an important front end.

Here you can notice a good balance between the rear lines, guaranteeing a good cargo volume. The lights have a very particular style: they are integrated in the tailgate and we believe that the result is a sophisticated look thanks to the few cuts and breakdowns.


For the interiors what we wanted was to focus on quality and modernity, therefore the choice was to use fluid lines playing with valuable materials and technology.
As for the philosophy of the surfaces of the exteriors, our interiors were designed to be elegant. Without sacrificing the fundamental aspects of technology and ergonomics, they are airy and pleasing to the eye.

This was the first project for GFG Style on a large-series car that touches a very widespread topic, such as SUVs, but the team work between GFG Style and LandWind Styling Center, that spent 6 months in Italy for the collaboration, aimed not only at designing new shapes for a product but a completely new and distinctive brand identity for their future cars.